How It Works

The idea behind our closed cash handling system is to automate the whole cash handling process, from point of sale to cash-in-transit (CIT) pick-up. Our products do the counting, dispensing of change, tracking, reporting, transporting and storage of cash. By automating the cash handling process, human errors are a thing of the past. And by making the systems tamper-proof, equipping them with ink-dyeing and validation technology, a closed cash handling system increases security for both customers and retailers.

How It Works Diagram

CashGuard turns cash handling into cash management by sealing and automating the cash process from the point of sale to CIT pick-up.

CashGuard provides several in-store solutions for varying customer needs. Our software provides an overview and enables optimization of cash levels.

The CashGuard solutions support in-store recycling of cash, as well as same-day banking.