CashGuard Solutions

Our two product lines enable retailers to choose the solution that is best for them. Premium has a proven track record and is the leading cash management solution in the retail sector. Retailers also have the opportunity to select add-on functions to further enhance cash management in their business.


CashGuard’s Premium solution is the leading cash management solution in the retail industry. It is the first choice of retailers world-wide and in a variety of retail segments, including supermarkets, hospitality, pharmacies, bakeries and petrol stations.

Premium Coin Recycler

Coin Recycler

The Premium Coin Recycler is tamper-proof, compact and built to achieve problem-free up-time and 24/7-operations. It automatically counts and tracks the coins and transfers the information to the back office software. An electronic lock, that tracks and records any opening, protects the money. The Premium Coin Recyclers creates a safe and accurate coin management experience for customers, staff and management.

Note Recycler

The Premium Note Recycler comes in several different models to support a variety of currencies and denominations. The Note Recyclers have different security levels depending on the customer needs. The Note Recyclers ensure correct change and track levels for all denominations. As with all CashGuard products the Note Recyclers are tamper proof and any opening is tracked and recorded.

Premium Note Recycler
Premium Note Collector

Note Collector

The Premium Note Collector is used for secure transfer of notes from the cash point to the back office. Its tamper-proof design prevents unauthorized access during the collection and transfer process. With an electronic interface, it allows the tracking of banknotes and the logging of user access. Capacity ranges from 1,000 to 1,600 banknotes depending on model.


Seal the cash from the point of sale to the CIT pickup. Together with our front office solution Premium, Presidio eliminates all the manual cash handling in your store. The cash is not visible after handed to the cashier. You get full control and thanks to ink-dye technology and Robur’s high quality safe you know your cash is secure.

Presido Note Deposit

Note Deposit

A Presidio Note Deposit keeps your money safe in the back office. It is an intelligent safe that counts the banknotes, tracks the deposits and stores the banknotes in self-sealing bags. It is tamper-proof and has a high storage capacity.

Presidio Note Mover

Note Mover

The Note Mover ensures that cash is never exposed during the collection and deposit process. It is easy to use and has ink-dye technology, all in a solid design that can handle the tough demands of the retail industry.

Store Manager Software

The Store Manager is the new generation of software for streamlined and secure handling of cash. Store Manager is a scalable software that is easy to use. Store Manager speeds up daily routines without compromising security. Activities and events are logged to offer full control of cash movement in the store. With Store Manager, you can handle CashGuard systems from all computers in the network. Several users can simultaneously access the software. Since the application is web-based, a thin client PC can be used.

Store Manager Software Interface

Increased Usability

A great deal of focus is placed on usability and productivity in the latest edition of Store Manager. The system is role-based and uses access control to manage permissions. Store managers, operation managers, check-out managers and other employees access Store Manager with a web browser. There they get an immediate overview of which cash points are open, how much cash there is in each cash point, daily cash flow data, and cash levels for each individual cash point.

Store Manager Software Mobile

Mobile Interface

Store Manager is available from your mobile or tablet. This enables you to interact with your store’s cash points in a real-time mobile environment and improve your business as it happens. Store Manager Mobile ensures that vital information about cash levels and cash points becomes available to you when and where it is needed the most – in your store and amongst your customers.

Business Intelligence

With Store Manager, retail stores can handle many checkouts simultaneously. This will give a cash manager or store manager a complete picture of the operation’s cash flow situation and the opportunity to actively control the cash flow according to specific needs.

License Options

Store Manager is available in three different editions to accommodate various sizes of operations and business focuses.