Loss Prevention

Reduce cost - Increase profit

Vensafe is all about zero shrinkage & increased sales. With the Vensafe Easy Shopping concept you will eliminate your loss and increase sales on small, valuable products.

Collect product at the dispenser Pick product cards

Zero Shrinkage

  • Customer gets the goods after paying
  • Logbook entry for each operation in machine
  • All events are saved in LOG-File
  • When products are impossible to shoplift, thieves disappear

Inventory Management & Control

  • Easy integration with the POS system
  • System alerts when items need to be refilled
  • Centralized analysis of inventory
  • Central “Out of stock” alarm
  • Inventory can be handled by a supplier

Optimized Checkout Zone

  • Perfect sales presentation of products
  • Large product cards presenting the product
  • Up to 240 products
  • Double placement at the checkout and on the shop floor

Minimal Warehousing

  • Reduced stock
  • Manage stock level via remote control
  • Only the fast-moving items are available in quantity
  • Reduce storage costs
  • No inventory differences