Vensafe Solution

Vensafe is a modular solution, so it can be easily tailored to any size store and level of turnover. The solution is applicable for regular checkouts, self-checkouts and self-scanning.

Vensafe Dispensers

Inventory control and flexible features

The dispensers can operate as a single unit or can be linked together with dispensers of other sizes or features to serve your specific needs.

  • Max capacity: 80 products and 1,600 articles
  • Can also be delivered with a cooling system
  • Full inventory control by displaying stock levels and highlighting which products need refilling
  • Time-stamp logging of every transaction gives full traceability of all handlings, including a report if a product was not retrieved
  • Optional features include a GSM module that sends out-of-stock notifications to store associates
  • Flexible hangers to support products of different sizes
Vensafe Dispenser
Vensafe Touchscreen

Vensafe Touchscreen

User-friendly click & select

Shoppers can easily access required products as the touchscreen can either be configured by category or by showing all available products.

  • Flexible placement: The screens can be placed on the shop floor or by the checkout counters
  • One-click solution: Click on the selected item and the ticket is printed
  • Promotions: Product advertisements can be displayed on the screen

Product Cards

Competitive exposure without stock shrinkage

The product cards are placed throughout the store, replacing the premium price products. Customers take a card and proceed to the checkout.

  • Clear display of the available products
  • Easy access for customers
Product Cards