Advanced Solutions

Pricer has developed a complete system solution to support effective promotion encompassing geolocation and SmartFLASH capabilities to support store tasks, such as placing and removing promotion tags or using the flash to guide and support staff operational tasks.

Flash Alert

It is critical for the success of stores to constantly work towards improving their productivity by increasing the efficiency of employees as well as sales on the shop floor.

Flash Alert is a solution that provides store owners with a web based tool, ‘Flash Scheduler’ with which they can control the flash of the ESLs: when, for how long, at what frequency and more importantly which trigger? With the Flash Scheduler, labels could flash outside of store opening hours to indicate to associates which products have a negative stock.

The Flash Alert solution enhances the shopper experience: the retailer can choose to make ESLs flash for products that are on promotion in order for shoppers to immediately find them.

Shelf Interactivity (NFC)

With NFC integrated into SmartTAG labels, retailers have the option of providing an enriched experience for their shoppers. When tapping their smartphone to NFC integrated labels, shoppers receive content such as marketing campaigns, videos, product specs or are linked to the retailer’s online shop application or directly to a web page on their smartphone. NFC also offers the possibility of replacing any barcode scanning tool such as self-scanning.


With Geofencing a retailer is able to divide a store into virtual areas to create events when customers move from area to area. The retailer determines the number and the exact shape of the areas directly on a Pricer configurable digital map tool.

Ideally, while shoppers use indoor positioning (see shopper guidance solution), the Geofencing solution compares the shopper’s position with the virtual areas. The shoppers can be informed of which area they have entered and the retailer can push a promotion or a welcome message to the shoppers according to which area they are in.

Flash Alert Shopper Guidance

Shopper Guidance

Shopper Guidance is a solution in the Pricer Platform for which the shopper is the intended user. Shopper guidance provides store managers and retail chains the opportunity to deliver store visit optimization functionalities such as visit planning and real time guidance for the optimal route.

Article master data in the Pricer Platform is published in the Cloud and made available. This allows the shoppers to search for articles from a remote location and create shopping lists to plan their visit upfront. As the list is being filled the Shopper Solution uses the ESLs’ position to plan the optimal route through the store, passing by all articles.

In the store, the map is retrieved from the Cloud. Localization with integrated BLE beacons is used to position the shopper’s smartphone which is then displayed on the map. The shortest path from the shopper’s location to the next article in the purchase list is shown on the map and is updated as the shopper moves through the store.

Task Management

Delisting products, negative stocks, new arrivals, shelf implementation, shelf-talker management... a large portion of the work performed on the shop occurs at an article’s position on the shelf. Pricer’s Task Management solution aims at streamlining the process of finding an article’s position and performing a task at it.

The store associates use the solution to carry out operational assignments. They receive the list of tasks to carry out and are guided in the store to each ESL for which a specific chore is requested. The concerned ESL will flash when it is approached and the assignment to be performed is displayed. The system combines indoor positioning of the handheld device and the position of the ESLs to guide the associates to the right place. Real time SmartFLASH is used to indicate the article on the shelf.

Click & Collect

As online penetration continues to increase and ‘Brick & Mortar’ stores start to offer their customers Click & Collect, improving picking performance is becoming essential.

The Click & Collect solution draws from all components of the Pricer Communication Platform. The online sales orders are imported as pick lists. The picker is positioned using BLE localization. And with the IR geoposition of ESLs, the optimal route is established for the picking process. The picker and the articles are positioned on the store map of his or her handheld device together with the shortest path to the next article in the list. SmartFLASH then provides the final visual guidance to the specific article.