How It Works

Communication Platform

The Intelligence is in the Platform

The platform is a complete hardware-software system combining IR wireless communication and ESL geoposition, in-store navigation, ultra-low power displays, merchandising supports and tools and server infrastructure (cloud, distributed or in-store). The Pricer platform is open to third-party technologies and enables interconnection with any store software or system. It offers the flexibility you need to anticipate and overcome any retail challenge in the 21st century.

Pricer Platform

Operating outside of the ISM frequencies employed by many critical in-store solutions (Wi-Fi, ZigBee for LAN, surveillance, EAS, RFID) Pricer is redefining what’s possible for retailers.

With the continued advances in wireless technologies and their exponential growth, Pricer and its leading tier one clients believe that IR as a solution is an essential and integral part of retail store infrastructure. Pricer is the only company that can deliver end-to-end solutions for today and tomorrow’s in-store shelf-edge connectivity requirements.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture

Pricer architecture is a modern, 100% web-based software platform supporting some of the world’s largest retail organizations in their digital shelf-edge evolution. It was designed from its inception as a multi-user enterprise solution.

Modern and robust, it is built to scale the high communication and data traffic requirements as well as deliver the flexibility of the bespoke platform interconnectivity. The architecture is modular at its core and provides the framework on which to integrate or build applications and extensions.

Pricer has built its reputation with tier ones based on key characteristics such as investment control, central monitoring and scalability. However, the benefits today go far beyond and address the experimentation requirements of retailers: modular components (store mapping, ESL and customer positioning, ESL light indicator) and extensive integration capacity (API, SDK, widget).

Hardware Architecture

Fast IR Communication

Pricer wireless communication is based on diffuse IR light (880 nm wave length). The protocol is proprietary to fit the unique requirements and is highly optimized for the task. The carrier frequency and the noise filtering have been carefully selected and matured over the past 24 years to deliver unequaled speed and realibility. The communication does not disturb nor is it disturbed by any active (e.g. radio, lighting...) or inert (e.g. shelving, posters...) equipment. Pricer complies with all relevant worldwide regulations.

Product Indoor Geolocation (ESL)

ESLs have become the digital representation of the product at the shelf- edge and therefore a powerful tool in today’s compliance and planogram challenges. The IR signal strength of a Pricer label is used to calculate, at any given moment, its position in the store. A typical Pricer label response signal is seen by multiple transceivers reading different signal strengths depending on the distance from the label.

Person Indoor Positioning and Guidance (Smartphone)

Customer or associate positioning has become an integral part of the Pricer solution. By measuring the low energy signals (BLE) combined with smartphone sensors and digital store maps, Pricer can provide real time location updates. Beacons (BLE) are supported and powered by the infrastructure giving the retailer the ability to configure and monitor location services and applications.

Indoor GPS (Smartphone)

IR Triangulation (ESL)

Product Geolocation with IR

IR Triangulation (ESL)

Indoor GPS (Smartphone)

Person Geolocation with Beacons