Pricer's electronic shelf labelling solution (ESL) helps you to save time with automatic price updates. It's more cost-efficient than paper, and improves your customers' experience with accurate, reliable pricing.

Shelf-Edge Digital Solutions

Solutions are stacked on Pricer’s single platform that adheres to the five major tenets of retail.



To make operations more effective and compliant:
scalable, inventory data, pick-to-light, geolocation



To enable and empower the shopping experience where customers can connect and engage:
Near Field Communication (NFC), guidance

5Ps Diagram


To optimize pricing and guarantee price integrity:
high speed, bidirectional, graphic and segment



To help customers find promotions, to incentivize the right actions, at the right time, at the decision point:
SmartFLASH, Geofencing



To track and analyze responses and activity to know customer wants and measure store performance:
location & behavior tracking, employee monitoring

2.99 Soap

Price Integrity

That'll be 2.99 for that 2.99 bar of soap

  • Be 100% sure that your price labels display the correct price
  • Eliminate manual errors
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Wireless, fast and secure

Boost Productivity

Staff tied up with pricing?
Set them free.

  • Better customer service
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Answer stock questions on the spot
  • Handle any amount of price changes
  • Faster checkout lines

Flexible Pricing

Raining today?
Make a special offer on umbrellas.

  • Micro price changes
  • Fast competitors’ price reaction
  • Run campaigns easily
  • Happy-hour pricing
  • Follow supplier price changes

Omni-Channel Marketing

Make the sale now, in store.

  • Real-Time Marketing Information

  • Customer Interaction
  • Embedded NFC Option
Lightbulb & Pear