Key Features

Pricer is the global leader in providing in-store shelf-edge digital solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience. The increasingly feature-rich Pricer platform is crossing over to solve key store transformation challenges such as customer and employee guidance, task-to-light and order preparation. It is also evolving to support shelf-edge customer personalization, data capture and interpretation.

Shelf-edge Interaction


All Pricer Tags possess a built-in wireless low power flash capacity. SmartFLASH is a retail shelf-edge innovation breakthrough, enabling radically new in-store solutions such as promo-flash and task-to-light.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

All Pricer SmartTAG ranges offer the option of integrating an NFC chip inside the ESL. The chip has been integrated following specific recommendations in order to be able to scan it easily by placing a smartphone on the ESL.


System Reliability

Real bidirectional communication

This functionality is mandatory for thorough central monitoring and local control of store operations, for guaranteed price integrity, label stock accurate management and re-stocking, all guaranteeing the industry’s best TCO.

Longest battery life

The SmartTAG labels communicate with the server by infrared which has the lowest power requirements on the market. This is critical to ensuring complete flexibility for future replacement and system evolution.

In-store Environment

SmartTAG universal design

SmartTAGs S, M, L, segment and graphic, have the same housing and back design in order to be mounted in the same rails and ensure mixing of display types on any particular shelf according to retailer needs.

Unique merchandising accessories

Pricer tags’ unique design enables the integration and locking of shelf-talkers directly into the ESL via a SmartCLIP or SmartFRAME, providing a universal support and merchandising system.